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Clearance Barbie Hugs 'n' Horses

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Clearance Barbie Hugs 'n' Horses
Clearance Barbie Hugs 'n' Horses
Clearance Barbie Hugs 'n' Horses
Clearance Barbie Hugs 'n' Horses

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Product OverviewClearance Barbie Hugs 'n' Horses
Barbie doll and her little sister Chelsea doll lets young horse lovers play out their dreams of owning their own horses with the blonde Barbie Hugs 'n' Horses doll and horse playset.Includes, more than 15 pieces with, 2 dolls, a horse, a pony and a puppy, plus many more Barbie accessoriesto create a caring space and care for the pets. It's easy to feel the love, the horse and pony both have bobbling heads that mimic real movement for nuzzling and hugs. Soft manes and tails add to the realism and immersive experience. Kids can play out feeding, grooming and horseback riding while telling stories of theiir friendship, family and adventure. Imaginations can ride anywhere because when a child play with Barbie they imagine everything they can become. Doll cannot stand alone. Colours and decorations may vary.
  • Contents: Barbie, Chelsea, horse, pony, puppy, fence pieces, feeding trough, hay, food, bottle, brush, hay bale, basket, blanket, bucket, helmets, saddles, bridles
  • ​Young horse lovers will go wild for the blonde Barbie Hugs 'n Horses playset
  • ​Children will love how the horses heads bobble to mimic real movement
  • Each also has a coloured saddle, bridle and reins for horseback riding role-play with these fun girls toys
  • ​With this doll playset horse loving kids can adopt these pets and care for them with their Barbie toys
  • ​​Barbie doll and Chelsea doll are ready to ride wearing their casual outfits and riding boots
  • ​Each doll also has a helmet for realistic child role-play fun