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Clearance NERF N-Strike Elite Trilogy

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Clearance NERF N-Strike Elite Trilogy
Clearance NERF N-Strike Elite Trilogy
Clearance NERF N-Strike Elite Trilogy

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Product OverviewClearance NERF N-Strike Elite Trilogy
The Trilogy DS-15 toy blaster has ejecting shells to heat up your Nerf dart-blasting action! Unleash a triple-dart blast with this particular Nerf blaster that propels 3 darts at the same time from each layer. When you prime to fire again, the devoted shell automatically ejects from the blaster. This N-Strike Elite blaster holds 1 shell at the same time and will store 5 shells in the inventory for fast reloading. The blaster comes with 5 shells and 15 Official Nerf Elite darts, enough to fill all 5 shells. This pump-action blaster is powered by you – no batteries needed. Load 3 darts right into a shell, insert the full shell into the blaster, pull the handle back once again to prime, and press the trigger to fire. When you weight another shell and pull back the priming handle, the empty shell pops away from the blaster! Official Nerf Elite darts are designed for distance, tested and approved for performance and quality, and constructed of foam with flexible, hollow tips.
  • Includes: blaster, 5 shells, 15 darts, and instructions
  • The stock has storage for 5 shells to keep them ready for fast reloading during Nerf games
  • Load 3 darts into 1 shell, load the shell into the blaster, and pull the trigger to fire!
  • This N-Strike Elite blaster includes 5 shells and 15 Official Nerf Elite darts
  • Shell automatically ejects this pump-action Nerf blaster that holds 1 shell at a time
  • Blast 3 darts at once with shells that eject from the Trilogy DS-15 toy blaster