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Discounted Schleich Olaria 70589

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Discounted Schleich Olaria 70589
Discounted Schleich Olaria 70589

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Product OverviewDiscounted Schleich Olaria 70589
Schleich Olaria 70589 the energetic unicorn is one of six sparkling foals that can be recognised and told apart by their cute flower tattoos. (Each sold separately) They live together in the beautiful, magical flower fields of bayala. Olaria is a little whirlwind who likes racing against the others. She’s even raced against dragons and fairies. The most important thing is that she can gallop at top speed. Her flower tattoo is as wild as she is.
  • Contents: A Schleich Olaria 70589
  • Dimensions: 1.06L x 4.92W x 6.29H cm
  • 6 to collect (Each sold separately)
  • Olaria is a little whirlwind
  • Her flower tattoo is as wild as she is